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Catered by Vesh Chef Mark Vesh

Meet the Catered by Vesh Chef

Mark Vesh

Catering the Finest

Deliver an extraordinary and diverse dining experience to your elegant celebration with Catered by Vesh. Meet the chef that creates your unique culinary experience beyond imagination. Mark Vesh has refined skills and talent, sculpted to culinary perfection.


The ability to exceed industry standards developed from a rigorous culinary program at Johnson & Wales University, which was ranked in the top 5 in the nation. Artistry was mastered through years of dedication to upscale dining establishments and private catering at elite resorts, private clubs and five star hotels. The discipline to master the art, combined with the passion to create the experience produces unparalleled catering services.


Indulge in a variety of a globally diverse menu and cater the finest at your extraordinary events. Make your most momentous occasions unforgettable with the artistry, discipline and passion of a formally trained Chef. 

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Distinguished Catering

Catered by Vesh provides distinguished catering services and culinary excellence. Wherever you choose to create your magical moments, bring the finest in the catering industry to your table. The passion for service and culinary arts delivers unforgettable flavor to every magical moment.


Catered by Vesh provides full-service catering to meet vision with a uniquely crafted food experience, and delivers customization, sophistication and quality to every moment. Design your unique table of cuisine during a private consultation, and bring the chef’s perspective and core values to planning quality-focused services. Create a finer dining experience, and deliver an authentic and unforgettable cuisine to your celebration.

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