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Catered by Vesh Bar


Catered by Vesh Bar

Build Your Bar with Catered by Vesh

Complement your celebration with the Vesh Bar experience 

Catered by Vesh caters a full bar and beverage service to your special celebration. Beyond catering fine dining to your table, we possess a full liquor license to deliver the customizable Vesh Bar experience to your event. Create your magical moments anywhere with a full bar, and impress your guests with Catered by Vesh.


Bar packages are based upon consumption for the duration of the event you dream to create. Satisfy your thirst for an unforgettable celebration with the excellence of the Vesh Bar. Complete setup, talented mixologists, staff and everything your event requires to serve the finest beverages to your VIP guests are included in our bar packages. Speak to our catering specialist to create your unique Vesh Bar experience.


Vesh Bar Packages

A unique and customizable package from the Vesh Bar to your celebration

Catered by Vesh is a full-service catering company with a full liquor license to provide a variety of bar packages and unparalleled services beyond the dream dining experience. Whether you dream to create a full-service bar with unlimited consumption or a customized package to suit the size of your unique celebration, Catered by Vesh delivers excellence unmatched by any other.

Whether whimsical outdoors or formal black tie affair, Catered by Vesh provides a full-service bar with beer, wine and signature cocktails at your private event. We deliver the Vesh Bar experience to Tampa and surrounding areas. Speak to our catering specialist to begin building the bar for your unique celebration.

Vesh Bar

Create a Flawless Event

Create a flawless event with a touch of perfection served by Catered by Vesh

The event you are planning is deserving of only the finest. Impress your guests with an unforgettable food experience and add a customizable bar package. Ensure every detail and every finishing touch creates impressions with Catered by Vesh. Regardless of the size or type of event, make your most momentous occasions memorable with a dining table set to perfection and complemented with the Vesh Bar.

Meet with a catering specialist for guidance through the planning process. You will review menus, discuss beverage options and explore bar choices. You may choose from various bar packages to make planning your event a simple process or create your custom bar experience to fit the shape of your event and budget.

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Vesh Bar

Full Liquor License and Full-Service Bar Packages

Catered by Vesh possesses a full liquor license and liability coverage that is included with all full-service bar packages. Add the Vesh Bar to your catering service for an unforgettable event.

Bar Packages

Sangria Bar

Our Sangria Bar features three types, including traditional red, peach blush and white, and is accompanied with fresh seasonal berries and fruits


Champagne Bar

Traditional champagne, sweet rose champagne and vine ripe strawberries

Beer and Wine Bar


Domestic beer, select foreign beer or a choice from our selection of house wines of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel, served in clear plastic rigid tumblers

Bartender Pouring Cocktail
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